Cesar's Way magazine becomes Canine Zone magazine!

Cesar's Way magazine has been a huge success in South Africa, however, due to the rand/dollar exchange rate and extremely high licensing fees, as well as the restrictions on digital publishing, we as the Publishers and Editors of Cesar's Way in South Africa, after much research and consideration, have decided not to renew the license contract with Cesar's Way USA and simply change the title to Canine Zone magazine - the magazine for all dog lovers.

The content and design of the magazine will remain unchanged and will continue to be of the same high standard. By changing the title to Canine Zone it gives us the opportunity and freedom to produce an even better magazine with  more local content, more sponsored pages, true stories and interesting and informative advertorial.  Canine Zone magazine will also be able to continue to cover and support the wonderful work that rescue organisations, shelters and animal rescuers do in our country.

As our Canine Zone Facebook page and website have thousands of worldwide fans, the other good news is that Canine Zone magazine will now also be available in digital format worldwide, something we could not do under USA license, and we will be sending out a monthly e-mailed newsletter directly to our vast database of over 10 000 dog lovers in South Africa.

Canine Zone magazine will continue to be a bi-monthly magazine available at Pick n Pay, Woolworths, C.N.A., Spar, Makro, Builders Warehouse, Catbox Hyper and selected pet stores countrywide.  More good news is that we will also be distributing Canine Zone magazine to veterinary practices and additional pet stores.

It is important to note that advertisers have received excellent feedback through their advertisements in Cesar's Way and we have made huge inroads in bringing about awareness to animal welfare and have successfully homed many animals over the past three years. We believe that with the change to Canine Zone, not only will we increase our circulation and readership but we will also be able to work more closely with rescue organisations, behaviourists (who at times have disagreed with Cesar's methods) and reputable breeders in South Africa.  With positive reinforcement training methods, we will also gain support from more advertisers.

As the Canine Zone team, we are very excited about this development and feel that being our own brand will allow us to develop beyond the magazine. We have already established the Canine Zone Fund which is an NPO created to assist with funds needed for animal rescue (special need cases from shelters, rescue organisations and the financially strapped man on the street – for example - an elderly lady whose dog needed an urgent operation). 

Going forward - the Canine Zone brand will in time include a senior dog sanctuary and educational swat teams, all with the aim of creating awareness about the plight of the shelter, abused and “underprivileged” dogs in our country.  Our sponsors will be an integral part of our exciting plans on the road ahead..

Having successfully produced 17 issues of Cesar’s Way magazine over the past three years and gaining more readership than usual for a new “puppy” on the block, we are confident that Canine Zone magazine can now grow tremendously and allow us to continue to stay true to our mission of “doing it for the dogs”.

As our valued sponsor and advertiser in the past issues of Cesar’s Way magazine, we hope you will see the benefits of this exciting change and continue to support Canine Zone magazine.

Yours sincerely

Sharon Dale - Publisher / Editor-in-chief